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Events are temporary.

Emotions are forever.

What can we do for you?

We are the perfect partners to help you reach your goals. We know your audience and can identify it. We will be with you through the whole process, so that everything will go even better as planned. Our experience in communication, advertising and marketing, joined with our eagerness for doing things right, make Making Movies the ideal associate to take your brand, company or event to the next level.

What do we do?

We have our own way to do things, the result of which are impeccable and very appreciated by our customers. Agility, rigorousness, and compromise are our values, as well as a very clear multidisciplinary approach which let as give solutions to every need that you may have.


A webpage for your event

At Making Movies we are not only experts in making events: we also offer the possibility of creating a special webpage tailor-made for your company or celebration. Trough the web, you can take your event to the next level and make sure that all of your guests feel welcomed wherever they are. Our experience in event planning, both in person and through a screen, and the trust of our customers, are what make Making Movies your best ally.

'Sharing Knowledge' by BBVA

We are so proud to have been a part of the BBVA show ‘Sharing Knowledge’, on which we talk about growing as a company, innovation and much more. Our founders, Álvaro and José Luis, had the chance to work side-by-side with the entrepeneur Cipri Quintas, with whom they explored topics such as entrepeneurship and leadership. Watch the video now!


Amaze the press with something new.

Show the best of what you have to offer.

Just focus on showing yourself off.

Congresses require specialized staff. Trust us on it.

Motivate your sales staff as no one has ever done before.

One of our specialties.

Just tell us how much you want to spend and we will make the best of it.

Reckless teenagers? Nostalgic baby-boomers? Sassy old people? We can make anything happen.

Experienced DJ’s for every kind of target audience.

We will make sure that your team has an unforgettable day.

Your brand will reach every corner of the country.

Unique experiences for your customers or employees.




A perfect space in Serrano Street.

The Basement

Comfort and taste make this a great place.

The Place

A unique space to innovate and inspire.

Espacio Raro

Vanguard by Rafa Sañudo.


What do people say about us?

In the press

Translation: “The reinvention of Company Christmas parties in times of COVID: online with karaoke included(NIUS).

Translation: “Company parties delivered to your home to keep tradition” (ctrl).

Translation: “Christmas parties in times of COVID? Making Movies has the answer” (El Publicista).

On TV and radio

(In Spanish)

“Online company parties, the best option during the pandemic”

“Surprise boxes or restaurant coupons: this Christmas company parties reinvent themselves”

“No bookings for Christmas parties”

“Kits are being sold to say an early goodbye to this awful year”

Our story on the show ‘Aquí Hay Trabajo’

“The initiative that respects health standards to keep company parties going”

Our interview in OndeMadrid for the show ‘Madrid Trabaja’


What our customers say

Tamara Gómez

La Prairie

“It’s always a win with them! We’ve been trusting Making Movies with all of our press, influencer and customer events for years. It’s amazing how great they adapt everything to match every kind of target audience, while also managing many of them at once. They make event planning easy and quick”.

Cristina Gascón


“It’s a winner team! The team of Making Movies, led by Álvaro and José Luis, has the virtue of adapting to all kinds of events, places and audiences, always with great creativity and ability to change and improvise when needed. We, as Mediaset Spain, have worked with them many times”.

Mikel Campos

Havas Media

“It’s like magic! If there are two people capable of doing magic with a closed budget and creating an amazing, jaw-dropping event for your company, those are José Luis and Álvaro. They transform every briefing with ideas, solutions and creativity based on your company’s needs”.

They already trust us:

Our best presentation letter is the one written by the people who have consistently working with us throughout the years. We are so thankful for their trust.

Who are we?

José Luis López Muñoz de Baena

Managing partner

Phone: +34 646 29 36 98

Email: joseluis.lopez@makingmovies.es

Álvaro Garrido de la Cierva

Managing partner

Phone: +34 606 33 99 97

Email: alvaro@makingmovies.es

Let’s talk

We, Making Movies, are specialists in the production of unique events. Just tell us what you need and we will make it happen.